Health Education

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Health Education is our Passion & our Strength

SHE provides education locally and globally through the following:


`\^ . . ` Education Workshops

Topics include disease prevention and control, including sexually transmitted infections; women’s health issues, including breast self-exam training; cardiovascular and respiratory health; alcohol and smoking cessation; physical education; stress reduction techniques; oral health; vision care; first aid and CPR; and food and water contamination.


Health Fairs

Interactive, low-stress opportunities for people to get basic screenings, obtain free supplies (toothbrushes, reading glasses), and improve health literacy.


Staff Training

These take place at community/free clinics, hotels, churches/temples, and other locales, and are designed to empower service and healthcare workers to provide maximal care for their patients, guests, and employees.


Vision Screening & Glasses

Vision is one of our most important senses. Seeing clearly is essential to maintaining one’s safety, ability to work, learn, and function in many other areas of one’s life. By providing a simple pair of reading glasses you can immediately and positively impact a person’s life, and the well being of one’s family and community.


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