Did you know that breast cancer and cervical cancer are the two of the most prevalent cancers in Cambodia today? Heart2Heart matches donors with indigent women to provide them with life-saving exams.


Heart2Heart provides the following:



Use of Heart2Heart funds to sponsor needy women for well women’s exams

Use of Heart2Heart funds to assist with further treatment as needed in collaboration with local help providers.


Collaborative Training

Collaborative training of nurses and local providers - hands-on training with mannequins for detection of a variety of women’s health disorders, such as breast lumps/cysts, uterine prolapse, and/or fibroid tumors.


On-site Educational Workshops

Our workshops focus on women’s health issues including:

  • the importance of early detection through available screening tests

  • teaching and practice of breast self-examination

  • breast self-exam cards in Khmer for all participants

  • understanding, and early attention to, signs/symptoms of common disorders

  • causes, prevention, and signs/symptoms of women’s health disorders

  • HPV vaccines and their importance

  • the need for healthy lifestyle choices - protected sex, healthy nutrition, avoidance of alcohol and smoking, stress reduction


We are committed...

to alleviating inequitable health care in underserved communities around the world.


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Thank you for providing vital financial support for our most life-saving efforts.
Our world could use more compassionate souls like you. 

Lynne Porter, MA, Nurse, Director of Heart2Heart, Women’s Wellness Program