2019 Student Local Initiatives


Local USA initiatives such as health fairs, health education, mentoring, volunteering at community clinics, also provide our student volunteers the opportunity to contribute to their communities and learn the value of service.



I currently volunteer for an organization called MAI that sorts through and packages leftover medical supplies from UCLA Health. These supplies are eventually sent to countries where doctors can use them to better serve their communities. 



To help my local community, I serve on the board for UCLA’s American Medical Women’s Association. As a board member, my goal is geared towards the advancement of females in the field of medicine, healthcare, and science. The activities we are involved in are diverse ranging from community service events, mentor ship opportunities, public speaker events and professional and personal development. As a board member, I strive to foster a wholesome and supportive environment to all members who join.



Hi! I am Geena and am involved with Medical Aide Initiative (MAI) where we organize unused and expired medical supplies from hospitals in order to donate to organizations like SHE to distribute to underdeveloped countries. I also volunteer weekly at Venice Family Clinic and emphasize various methods for low-income patients to access healthcare resources.



At UCLA I volunteer with Asian Pacific Health Corps (APHC) to serve underrepresented Asian and Pacific Islander communities in the Greater Los Angeles area. Under APHC I help organize health fairs at local community centers where we provide free screenings, educational workshops, and physician consultations or clinic referrals to service recipients. Outside of UCLA, I am an SAT tutor for high school students and I teach tennis to youth groups!



I volunteer with MESH as the Health Fair Director. I organize health fairs for underserved communities around Los Angeles and invite UCLA organizations and community health organizations to provide health education and healthcare services to health fair participants. 



I am part of a Project Health Fair committee where we work to hold quarterly health fairs for local underserved communities. I also volunteer each summer at Camp Paivika and work with children and adults with disabilities.




I’m a volunteer at the Venice Family Clinic, a clinic that serves the low-income, uninsured, and homeless populations of Los Angeles. My role is to work up patients before they see their provider, facilitate the flow of the clinic, and overall help provide compassionate, holistic care. Not only has this experience allowed me to learn clinical skills and directly engage with patients, but it has also given me the amazing opportunity of taking part in providing quality healthcare to a community that is often marginalized and otherwise would not have received the care they really need.



Besides SHE, I volunteer at the Venice Family Clinic and assist patients in setting up patient portals and also provide homeless patients with clinic and community resources. I am also a part of the MyUCLA Health Ambassador program in which I provide free technology help to senior citizens in Santa Monica and mentorship and tutoring to high school students in Los Angeles. Lastly, I am active in Medical Aid Initiative and volunteer in the warehouse to sort donated medical supplies and organize them for international medical missions.



I volunteer in the local Cambodian community in long beach. I along with my club, Cambodian student society, help ensure that the local community organizations run smoothly so that people will be able to access the resources that they need.



I volunteer at the Venice Family Clinic as a Pediatric Literacy Volunteer, where I serve as a companion for children and educate patients and their families about preventative medicine and health. In addition, I am a part of the Vietnamese Community Health organization at UCLA. Our organization provides health services and screenings to underserved communities, especially within Orange County.



I work with an organization called Medical Aid Initiative.  Our team works to eliminate medical waste by collecting unused, unexpired medical supplies from UCLA Health and redistributing them to underserved populations internationally.  



In the community I work at UCLA health’s warehouse. Where I sort through donates medical supplies and package them for medical service trips (like SHE!). I also volunteer in the warehouse committee where I manage the inventory and make sure medical supplies are sorted correctly. 

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I help direct six annual health fairs that provide free health services and resources regardless of insurance status to the underserved Asian Pacific Islander communities. I volunteer weekly as a clinic assistant at the Venice Family Clinic, a health center that is geared towards offering quality care to those in need. Lastly, I fundraise money throughout the year and train as camp counselor to help sponsor children from underserved backgrounds to experience what a week of camp is like. 



Hello! My name is Jessica Park and I’m a 3rd year Biological Sciences major at UCI where I’m currently involved in Karate For All, where we teach mentally and physically disabled children occupational therapy techniques via Karate as well as social skills; CampMed, where we host a 3 day camp for low socioeconomic high school students to expose them to various aspects and careers in the healthcare field; and iMed, where we provide healthcare and health education for underserved children both locally and globally.



I volunteer each week at a local clinic where I help provide the patients information about the services and opportunities they have access to, in hopes of enriching their day to day lives. I also help manage the patient portal where patients can more easily access their medical records and ask for medical assistance. Through this, I hope to help guide patients to fully utilizing the services offered to them and to be able to approach healthcare in an easier manner. 




I volunteer as a clinic assistant at Venice Family Clinic which provides primary and specialty care as well as health education to low income, uninsured, and homeless families and individuals. As a clinic assistant, I perform patient work ups which includes taking patient vitals, blood glucose screenings, peak flow, pulse ox, patient intakes and assessing chief complaints. In addition, I teach health, fitness, and nutrition classes to local underserved elementary schools to provide exposure to health prevention and maintenance education.



I currently volunteer as an assistant researcher at St. Francis Medical Center. There are many things that people can learn to improve  health for themselves and others. To address this, we create case studies to discover what ways doctors or nurses can communicate health advice or lessons that their patients will respond to, and act upon. I periodically volunteer as a drum tech for a world class percussion ensemble at Rowland high school, honing in our style and technique to compete at the highest level in Southern California. Additionally, I support these students in their musical journey as they encounter struggles with money, managing time, and staying motivated to work very hard for the things they love.