Teri Tan, Ph.D., MBA


Executive Director


Dr. Teri Tan is a spontaneous communicator with a penchant for creative problem solving. The Greek-born Australian-American is a medical business & management specialist with twenty years of experience running medical clinics, administering medical mission trips, fundraising, and consulting in business and HR matters. Before founding SHE, Teri was a foundational member of the Cambodian Health Professionals Association of America (CHPAA), where she served as head mission administrator for seven of her eight mission trips. Alongside medical philanthropy, Teri is passionately committed to education; she is a former educator in Australia and the US with two teaching degrees, a PhD in Cultural Anthropology, and an MBA. Her administrative expertise combined with her love of multiculturalism, education, and philanthropy led her to found Sustainable Health Empowerment (SHE) in 2014.


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