Chad Phuong

C Phuong.jpg

Chad Phuong is a Cambodian-American chef who uses food as a means of celebrating cultural history, cultivating community, and spreading joy. Chad’s love of cooking stems from his early days in Battambang, Cambodia, where he observed his grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles and learned how to forage, fish, hunt, and cook daily. In the US, he further refined his skills with more complicated dishes, learned to bake while employed at a donut shop, and went on to start his own catering business. Today, Chad is a local legend, having founded both Cambodian Cajun Crawfish and Cambodian Cuisine. He is also a founding member of Chefs Off the Boat. Alongside his professional and culinary efforts, Chad is one of SHE’s most passionate volunteers, not only serving on the board but also using his unique skills to contribute toward positive change.


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