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Our Programs



Did you know that breast cancer and cervical cancer are the two of the most prevalent cancers in Cambodia today? Heart2Heart matches donors with indigent women to provide them with life-saving exams.

Disabilities Outreach

Did you know that loss of limbs in Cambodia is among the highest in the world?

Medical, Dental, & Clean Water

The Health System in Cambodia cannot keep up with the demands of its 14million citizens. 80% live in rural areas and most see little to no medical care ever in their lifetime.


Health Education

“Education is one of our core tenants, for it is only with education that healthcare can become self-sustaining.”

-Dr. Teri Tan, Founder SHE


Local Initiatives

Local USA initiatives such as health fairs, health education, mentoring, volunteering at community clinics, also provide our student volunteers the opportunity to contribute to their communities and learn the value of service.